Types Of Dentures Available

At Kramer Family Dentistry, we want our patients to experience excellent oral health and function. Our dentists take extra care and time to help patients missing one, several or even all their teeth choose the tooth replacements best-suited to their needs. Learn about the different types of dentures provided by Dr. James Kramer and Dr. Stephanie Kramer in their Neenah, WI, practice.

Types of dentures

Modern dentures are more realistic and well-fitting than old-fashioned prosthetics. Some styles simply rest on the gums and stay in place with the suction provided by the mouth. Others, such as partial dentures, mount on adjacent natural teeth with clasps or precision attachments. Finally, Kramer Family Dentistry offers implant-supported dentures, full or partial prosthetics held in place by two to six titanium implants surgically placed into the jaw bone.

Some patients wonder how long it will take to complete their new smiles. The answer varies, depending on your denture choice and your ability to adjust to your new teeth.

Typically, conventional dentures--full or partial--are the quickest smile replacements. Immediate dentures have the advantage of being placed right after extractions. However, they usually need refitting or even replacement after gums and bone shrink. Conventional dentures are placed when extraction sites heal completely. This guarantees better and longer-lasting fit.

Lastly, implant-supported dentures require substantial healing time after dental implant placement. Osseointegration, the process whereby titanium implant screws adhere to the jaw bone, takes weeks to even months. However, once healed, the implants firmly anchor the denture, increase jaw bone strength and vitality and give patients unparalleled personal appearance, biting, chewing and speech.

What's best for your smile?

Your dentist will evaluate your needs and outline your options right at Kramer Family Dentistry in Neenah, WI. You will receive a complete oral exam, X-rays, oral impressions and in the case of implant dentures, a CT scan of your jaw. This detailed imaging technique helps the dentist evaluate the quality of your jaw bone and successfully guided your implants into proper positions in the alveolar ridge.

Come in for a friendly consultation

At Kramer Family Dentistry in Neenah, WI, Dr. James Kramer and Dr. Stephanie Kramer solve tooth loss issues with dentures that look great and function really well. See your dentist soon for an in-depth consultation on your smile options. Call for an appointment: (920) 725-2533.

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