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Dental implants are titanium fixtures that are surgically placed into the bone to replace teeth. There are many types of restorations that can be placed on the implants depending on the needs of the patient.

Single tooth restorations 

are the most common type of restorations that we provide . The implant is surgically placed to replace the root of the lost tooth. After a healing time of 3-6 months, a single porcelain crown is attached to the implant to replace the function and esthetics of the missing tooth. In cases involving front teeth, the patient will have a temporary restoration in place while the implant heals to the bone. In cases involving implants in the back of the mouth where it cannot be seen, most patients elect to not have a temporary fabricated because it is not visible. The greatest advantage to replacing a single tooth with an implant is that it will be the most natural replacement for beauty, function, cleansability and longevity.

Fixed bridge restorations 

can be utilized to replace 2-3 missing teeth in a segment of the mouth. This is an excellent alternative to replacing multiple teeth rather than a removable partial denture that is taken in and out of the mouth. As with single tooth restorations, cases with multiple missing teeth in the front of the mouth would be temporized while the implants are healing.

Implant supported partial or full dentures 

are utilized in cases where patients struggle with their existing removable denture or patients that will be losing most or all of their teeth and have higher expectation for the retention and stability of their dentures. Utilizing implants to support removable dentures can be a life changing improvement for patients in terms of function and retention of their dentures. An important result is that implants will preserve the jawbone long term for patients that lose teeth at a young age.

Dental implants cannot be utilized to replace teeth in every case. Many factors are considered when treatment planning and recommending dental implants. The quantity and quality of the existing bone are the greatest factors in determining if a patient is a good candidate. The patient's overall systemic health is another factor that we consider. Anatomic constraints, such as the maxilla sinus in the upper arch and nerves that run through the lower jawbone, have to be considered as well.

We refer our patients to either an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist to surgically place the implants. Most cases are planned with 3D x-rays to determine the position of the implant. Excellent communication between the specialist and our office makes working with two offices a seamless process.

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