The Benefits of Dental Implants

Want the best way to replace some missing teeth? Look no further than dental implants from Kramer Family Dentistry in Neenah, WI. Dr. James Kramer and Dr. Stephanie Kramer recommend single-tooth implants, multi-tooth bridges, and dentures supported by implants to maintain excellent oral health and function and to keep the bone structure strong.

Dental implants substitute for real teeth

Is this possible? Actually, it is. A dental implant is a titanium replacement for a real tooth root. After surgical insertion of this screw-like device, the bone cells in the jaw adhere to the implant. Over time, osseointegration, as dentists call it, anchors the implant, accurately mimicking the strength and function of a real tooth root.

Depending on your need, your oral surgeon may insert one or more dental implants. At a later date, you'll return to Kramer Family Dentistry in Neenah for the restoration of the devices with the appropriate prosthetics.

Sounds straightforward, doesn't it? Actually, the whole process, from initial exam and imaging with Dr. James Kramer or Dr. Stephanie Kramer, takes many weeks and your vested patience. However, the results are wonderful.

The benefits of dental implants

  1. They are permanent. You don't--and can't--remove them. They are as rock-solid as real teeth.

  2. Most implant treatments succeed--up to 98 percent last for the balance of the patient's life, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA). In fact, dental implant procedures are more reliable and predictable than fixed bridges and even root canal therapy, says the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID).

  3. Implants counter the terrible side effects of tooth loss--poor speech, weak chewing, reduced jaw bone, and gum tissue, and sadly, an aged facial appearance.

  4. Your oral hygiene routine is perfectly normal. With implants, there are no dentures or partials to soak, and no messy adhesives to apply.

  5. Dental implants have wide applicability. If you have decayed or abscessed teeth or have lost some in an accident, you could qualify for dental implants. Your exam and X-rays at Kramer Family Dentistry will tell you for sure.

  6. Dental implant sites stay clean and free of harmful plaque and tartar with routine brushing and flossing. If you typically use strand floss, a Waterpik, or interproximal brushes, you already know how to care for your implants.

Just like it never happened

Dental implants counter the problem of tooth loss beautifully.

Call Kramer Family Dentistry in Neenah, WI, today. You can discuss your options with Dr. James Kramer or Dr. Stephanie Kramer at (920) 725-2533.

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