Discover The Benefits Of Dentures

When tooth loss changes your smile, dentures offer an excellent solution. Your Neenah, WI, dentists, Dr. James Kramer and Dr. Stephanie Kramer of Kramer Family Dentistry, can help you choose the perfect type of dentures for your situation.

How Dentures Help Your Smile

Dentures offer many benefits, including:

  • Improved Appearance: Losing your teeth drastically changes your appearance and can affect your self-confidence. In fact, you may even find yourself socializing less or avoiding situations that require meeting new people if you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. Full or partial dentures will make your smile whole again and improve your self-esteem.
  • More Pleasant Mealtimes: Eating is a challenge when you have missing teeth. Depending on the number of teeth you've lost, you may need to restrict your diet to soft foods and liquids. Dentures will restore your biting and chewing ability, allowing you to expand your food choices when you visit Neenah, WI, area restaurants.
  • Better Health: A soft diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies that may affect your health. Restoring your lost teeth is a simple way to reduce your risk of illness. Stomach issues can also be a problem if you haven't replaced your lost teeth, particularly if you've started swallowing food whole. Teeth break down food, making it easier for stomach acids to work. If food is whole, you may experience an upset stomach frequently. The habit can also increase your risk of choking.
  • Clearer Speech: Your teeth, lips, and tongue work together to make sounds. If you've lost teeth, you may find it difficult to pronounce certain words or sounds and might have noticed that people have trouble understanding you. Dentures improve your speech and end your communication issues.
  • Younger Appearance: If you don't replace lost teeth, the lower half of your face may begin to sink in, making you look older. Dentures help support the muscles of your face, improving your appearance.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear on Remaining Teeth: If a few of your teeth are doing all the work, you're bound to experience premature wear on your teeth. Due to damage, you may soon lose these teeth too. Partial dentures will reduce stress on your remaining teeth, protecting your smile.

Could dentures help your smile? Call your dentists in Neenah, WI, Dr. James Kramer and Dr. Stephanie Kramer of Kramer Family Dentistry, at (920) 725-2533 to schedule your appointment.

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