How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile

It's hard to maintain a healthy mouth on your own, which is why it's always best to get a little extra assistance from your dentist. When one or more teeth acquire an infection or disease, they require additional care, and root canal treatment makes a huge difference between saving and losing a natural tooth. Additionally, when these problems arise, you want attentive care, compassion, and kindness from a staff that listens to your needs. At Kramer Family Dentistry, Dr. James or Dr. Stephanie Kramer provide all of the above and can make this minimally-invasive procedure seem much less frightening for our Neenah, WI, patients.

Reasons for Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist may recommend root canal therapy to save a tooth when one or more of the following are present:

  • Gum develops a pus-filled abscess from decay
  • The nerve becomes exposed because of trauma or injury
  • Tooth decay penetrates the dental pulp resulting in an infection
  • A tooth is dying but still salvageable

How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile 

There are many reasons why you should save your natural tooth, and common ones include improving your oral health, protecting your teeth, as well as their surrounding tissues, enhancing the durability of enamel, and eliminating pain and discomfort. Other ways root canal treatment can benefit your smile are:

  • The procedure is virtually pain-free
  • Offers a visually appealing result
  • Continue eating the foods you love
  • Recovery is quick and requires minimal downtime

What to Expect from the Procedure

Root canal treatment typically takes two visits to our Neenah, WI, dental office to complete, and our dentist performs the procedure in three simple steps. The first involves cleaning the root canal by removing all the dead tissue inside of the pulp. Second, Dr. James or Dr. Stephanie will decontaminate the area and shape the tooth using tiny files. Lastly, the dentist seals it up using a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. During the second appointment, you'll receive a permanent crown that resembles and feels like a natural tooth.

Sometimes signs and symptoms of a root canal are apparent, but depending on the individual, they might not be present at all. Consult with our dentist at Kramer Family Dentistry in Neenah, WI, for a proper diagnosis, and to discuss if you could benefit from root canal treatment. For appointment scheduling with Dr. James or Dr. Stephanie Kramer, please call (920) 725-2533.

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